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The Community


A recent change in the Blackwell Public School system has been the addition of a new, $11.7 million elementary school, serving grades K-5th. Blackwell schools pride themselves on being a recent two-time award-winning "Best Practices" school. Blackwell also has ties with area higher education facilities such as, Pioneer Technology Center, Northern Oklahoma College, the University Learning Center of Northern Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State University.


The City of Blackwell is named for its founder, Colonel Andrew Jackson Blackwell. Blackwell became the first mayor and justice of the peace of the community after the city was founded in the Cherokee Strip Land Run of 1893. Within weeks of its founding, Blackwell had a population of several thousand. Within two years, a thriving Main Street business district was created, and Blackwell was connected to the rest of the nation through rail services and stagecoach lines.

Through the 20th century, Blackwell has continued to prosper. During the 1930s through the 1960s, Blackwell ranked only behind Oklahoma City and Tulsa in Oklahoma for the amount of jobs in its industrial and manufacturing sectors. Some of the companies that have operated in Blackwell included the Blackwell Zinc Smelter, the Blackwell Milling and Elevator Co., the Blackwell Ice Company, Consolidated Gas Co., and Hazel-Atlas Gas. Most recently, Blackwell has become home to textile research and development, investment casting, high tech manufacturing, and oil and gas service and distribution firms.

Important Contact Information

Police/Fire/EMS/Animal Control (580) 363-5490

Blackwell Public Utility Billing (580) 363-7200
City of Blackwell Water/Electric (580) 363-2121
Blackwell Street Department (580) 363-7266
City Management (580) 363-7250
CenterPoint Energy/Arkla Gas (866) 275-5265
Kay Electric Cooperative (580) 363-1260

U.S Post Office (580) 363-4640
Blackwell Public Library (580) 363-1809
Hope Crisis Center (580) 262-2707

 For more area contact information, click here.

Quick Facts

Population 7,203
Property Tax Rate $84.60 per $1000 assessed value

Fractional Assessment

Real Property 11%
 Personal Property 14%
Sales Tax Rate  
City 4.00%
County  .67%
State  4.50%


INTEGRIS Blackwell Regional Hospital has been providing exceptional medical aid to the community for over 50 years. INTEGRIS Blackwell Regional Hospital is a 53-bed facility. Advances in technology continue to improve the variety and quality of services that our hospital offers our community. In addition to Integris Blackwell Regional Hospital, Blackwell also offers 3 medical clinics and skilled nursing facilities.

Working in coordination with the  Stillwater Medical Center,  Blackwell Regional Hospital offers health care options along with an emergency room and ambulatory services.

120 S Main St
Blackwell, Oklahoma 74631
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