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About Us

The Blackwell Area Chamber of Commerce has a rich heritage of serving the Blackwell community. Originally founded in 1911 as the Blackwell Commercial Club, the Chamber was officially charted in 1938. The mission of the Blackwell Area Chamber of Commerce is to bring together all the interests of Blackwell in a compact and harmonious way. The Chamber of Commerce does many things to help ensure our community is thriving. Your local chamber organizes community events such as the Kay County Free Fair and Blackwell's Fourth of July activities and plays an active role in politics and community development functions. One of the Chamber’s most easily recognized activities is providing the latest scoop on upcoming state and local events. The Blackwell Area Chamber of Commerce constantly strives to be the community’s resource for all things Blackwell!

Join the Chamber!

Every dollar invested in the Blackwell Area Chamber of Commerce is an equity stake in the Blackwell Community. In addition to hosting or promoting a variety of Blackwell events, the Blackwell Chamber is directly involved in a variety of other avenues of community development. These development programs include housing rehabilitation, downtown renovation projects, tourism development and political action forums. For more information about joining the Blackwell Chamber click the link below!

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Blackwell OK Retail Analysis - March 2018

120 S Main St
Blackwell, Oklahoma 74631
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